Cold Beverage Machines

Product Features

  • Raised cup allows for gentle handling of product which minimizes foaming. Mounted within cabinet for enhanced reliability and long life.
  • Multiple shaped packages can be vended without adjusting the setup.
  • Dual gate design prevents product from falling if machine is rocked. Beverage trays allow for full 20oz./600ml capacity on all trays (360 bottles).
  • Cabinet design allows for pallet jack use during installation.
  • Door opens 180 degrees flush to allow it to be placed in a bank or next to a wall.
  • Large glass door provides better product display.
Product Specifications
BevMax 3 Capacity 45 Product Selections 5 Trays
9 Selections per tray 360 16-20oz
Bottles 405 12oz
Cans Dimensions 72" high x 47" wide x 32"
Deep Shipping Weight 764 lbs
Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 12 amps

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