Full line vending company
that services all of
Massachusetts and Rhode Island and New Hampshire

We install, fill and service, snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines, fresh food vending machines, as well as having one of the largest healthy vending selections in the industry.

Inquiring about our vending services couldn’t be any easier, you can simply click on the two M&M guys over to the right of the page and start a live chat with one of our live team KBL REPS or you can EMAIL sales@kblinc.com or simply CALL US directly at 781.767.5500 to speak to someone immediately.

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We Serve all Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Rhode Island

Healthy Vending

When choosing a vending program for your company, we are committed to making sure your program meets the needs of all your employees. We offer "healthier for you" products including trail mixes, baked chips, juices, bottled water and much more.

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